Export of Telehandler in a 40′ High Cube container from Devon to Thailand

Ventura Shipping this morning successfully loaded a Used Fortschritt DC510 & a Processor into a 40′ high cube container at Devon, UK to go to Laaem Chabang Port, Thialand.

The 40′ container was placed at the loading place @ 8 am as requested by the customer. The loading / lashing was completed in about 1 and half hour. The two pieces of Telehandler once loaded into the container were lashed securely to travel safely during the transit without any damages.



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Export of Oil field Equipments by Air to Chennai Airport, India

Ventura Shipping  recently handled a shipment of Oil field Equipment which were well packed in crates. Booked to fly on top priority basis by Air to Chennai Airport, India.

The Crates had to be passed the screening test using Secondary screening method as the Crates were very heavy & bulky for Primary screening.

The shipment had to split into two as the Carrier did not have enough space to fly 3 ton shipment all together.